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New Life Acidocin Tablets (25 gm)

New Life Acidocin Tablets (25 gm)

Relieves Burning pain in stomach, vomiting, acidity, gas troubles



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Useful in

Form:     Tablet

Weight:  35 (gms)

Acidity, indigestion, dyspepsia, sour eructation, water brash, bilious vomiting, heart burn, swelling of stomach, soreness & flatulence caused by fatty food

  • Antimonium Crudum: Loss of appetite. Desire for acids, pickles, wine, vinegar, cucumber. Eructation tasting of the ingesta. Gastric and intestinal complaints from bread, pastry, acids, vinegar, sour wine, cold bathing, overheating, and hot weather. Constant belching. Bloating after eating.
  • Carbo Vegetabilis: Flatulence and fullness with weak digestion, accompanies all complaints. Simplest food disagrees. Flatulence upper abdomen. Craving for coffee; acids; sweets and salted things, alcohol. Aversion to meat; fats; milk.
  • Robinia pseudo. : The gastric symptoms with the most pronounced acidity are well authenticated, accompanied with frontal headache, flatulence, nightly burning pains in stomach and constipation with urgent desire. Sour stools, child smells sour.
  • Pulsatilla: Dyspepsia with great tightness after a meal. pain in stomach an hour after eating. Gnawing, hungry feeling.

2 Tablets 4 times a day  or as prescribed by the physician

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