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New Life Batch Flower Star Of Bethlehem (30 ml)

New Life Batch Flower Star Of Bethlehem (30 ml)

After Effect of Shock, Loss of close friend or family, Shocking News


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Form:         Drops

For those in great distress under conditions which for a time produce great unhappiness. The shock of serious news, the loss of some one dear, the fright following an accident, and such like. For those who for a time refuse to be consoled this remedy brings comfort.

  • SHOCK in any form.
  • An accident-sudden sad news
  • Many unsuspected, delayed action effects from shock.

Take 20 drops in half cup of water 3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician

For shock and is indicated whenever there has been trauma to the system for example through accident, disturbing news or a distressing sight. Following a bereavement. It helps the bereaved to cope with their grief and ease their pain and sorrow. Sometimes the shock of losing someone dear cannot be expressed, the person at times longing to cry but tears will not come. It helps to unblock this passage and relieves the mind of its sadness. Shock can be delayed and may eventually manifest itself in a number of ways, sometimes many years after the event. But even if treatment is sought for some other difficulty if shock has been sustained and can be identified as the cause of the trouble, Bach Flower Star of Bethlehem should always be included. If the shock can be treated without delay, however the impact of the trauma is lessened

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