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New Life NL 5 Oedema & Swelling Drop (30 ml)

New Life NL 5 Oedema & Swelling Drop (30 ml)

Helpful in swelling and Edema on Body


Available Potency/Weight :

Generally delivered in 3 - 7 days
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Useful in

Form:     Drops

Weight:  80 (gms)

  • Edema, Swelling, dropsy,acute inflammaton in capillaries
  • Puffiness of face due to retention of urine & albumin in urine
  • Helps improve the flow of urine. &removes suppression.

Apocynum cannabinum functions similarly to strophanthin but without cumulative disadvantages by effectively strengthening the heart muscle against damage that could lead to hepatogenic and renal edemas.

Convallaria majalis addresses nervous heart conditions caused by infectious-toxic disruptions in the heart muscle and helps strengthen the heart to prevent enlargement.

Helleborus niger helps resolve Scarlet fever, meningitis, bronchial congestion, and heart weakness. It also has a regulatory influence on the digestive organs and promotes the harmony of body functions and eliminates nervous-psychic sensations.

Sambucus nigra functions as a diuretic to reduce swelling throughout the body, including the feet, thighs and nasal and bronchial system mucous membranes.Digitalis 6x

Apis Mellifica : Oedematous swellings, Skin usually white, almost transparent (ovarian dropsy).

Cactus G : The whole body feels as if caged & each wire is being twisted tighter & tighter

Strophanthus : It has a great action on greater diuretic, and is safer for the aged persons and also helps for vasomotor problems.

Strychninum Ars :Burning, aching, and weakness of spine; pain extends to front of chest.

30 drops  4 times a day or as prescribed by the physician

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