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Parul Homoeo Laboratories (PHL) Heightex Tablet (25 gm)

Parul Homoeo Laboratories (PHL) Heightex Tablet (25 gm)

For Proper Growth of Children, Improves Height



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Form:    Tablets


Young children between the age of 5 yrs to 14 yrs heightex is an excellent remedy for growth. absolutely safe and without any side effects. This remedy aids scrofulous children. especially if they are dwarfish. do not grow and develop. Useful in imperfect assimilation & consequent defective nutrition. rachitis children. Acts on the skin. blood. gastro-intestinal tract and helps growth. useful remedy for anemic children who are peevish. flabby. have cold extremities and feeble digestion.

  • Silicea: 3x
  •  Baryta Carbonicum: 3x
  •  Natrum Muriaticum: 3x
  •  Calcarea phosphoricum: 3x

Above 12 to 18 year: 1 tablet twice a week or as prescribed by the physician

Below 12 year: 1 tablet in a week or as prescribed by the physician


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