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REPL Dr Advice No.112 Metrical-D (30 ml)

REPL Dr Advice No.112 Metrical-D (30 ml)

Calcium Supplement for All Age (Children, Men and Women), Osteoporosis


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Useful in

Form:           Drops

Weight:         50 (gms)

Calcium supplemet for women, weak bones, joint pains in old age

  • Reduce physical fatigue & improve mental health.
  • Aid uneventful dentition.
  • Strengthen bone and reduce risk of fracture besides maintaining tissue elasticity.
  • Vitamin D : Useful in Vitamin deficiancy and absorption of Vitamin D.
  • Natrum Mure : Paralytic weakness of legs and esp joints of legs,tension in legs and calves, jerking of muscles of thighs, teeth become sensitive.
  • Calc Phos : Pains in molar teeth, Aching in all the limbs with weariness, Pains in joints and bones esp shin bones.
  • Phosphorus : Tooth become loose, Grinding of teeth, Burised pain in limbs,Numbness and falling asleep of limbs, swelling of soft tissues of joints.
  • Aurum Met : Swelling of the wrist, with tension on reversing the hand, Legs swollen, Exostosis, Periostitis.
  • Lachesis : Multiple joint pains, and aching pains in bone & tendons, Nocturnal pains in thigh and hip, Brittleness and looseness of the teeth, Cramps & pains in calves of leg.

10-15 drops in some water 3 times a day or as prescribed by the Physician

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