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REPL Dr Advice No.6 Appen-D (30 ml)

REPL Dr Advice No.6 Appen-D (30 ml)

Effective in Pimples, Itching in Eczema, Comedones, Rashes, papules



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Useful in

Form:            Drops

Weight:          50 (gms)

The medicine acts on the vermiform appendix.

Pain in right side of abdomen, Tenderness, constipation, Vomiting & belching.

 Colocynthis : Sensation as if stone were being found together in the abdomen.

 Iris Tenax : Deathly sensation at stomach- pit, vomiting of very green bile.

 Belladonna : Excessive tenderness of the abdomen, which can not bear the slightest touch

Bryonia Alba : Tenderness of abdominal walls, worse pressure.

Dioscorea Villosa : Griping, cramping pains in the umbilical region, stomach & small intestine.

Mercurius Solubillis : Boring pain in the right groin, Bile secreted deficiently.

Lachesis : Cannot wear anything around the waist abdomen sensation painful.

Lycopodium : Pain shooting across lower abdomen from right to left.

Plumbum Metallicum : Very violent pains in the abdomen. Hard nodosities in abdomen.

Magnesia Phosphorica : Flatulent colic, forcing patent to bend double with belching of gas

5-10 Drops with some water for 5 to 6 times or as prescribed by the Physician

 In acute cases 5-10 Drops with some water every 30 minutes or as prescribed by the Physician

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