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REPL Dr Advice No.62 Mensuration Troubles (30 ml)

REPL Dr Advice No.62 Mensuration Troubles (30 ml)

Painful, Irregular Menses, a tonic for women


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Useful in

Form:           Drops

Weight:         50 (gms)

Menses retarded, suppressed

Functional amenorrhoea of young girls with backache

 Before menses



      Pulsatilla : Delay of first menses in mild, or corrosive, gentile girls, low- spirited.

      Aletris Farinosa : Amenorrhoea or delayed menses from atony, profuse, black with coagula.

      Viburnum Opulus : Menses began ten days early, Pain in ovarian region, Leucorrhoea.

      Sabina : Menses continue too long, it may be either bright red or dark.

      Fraxinus Americana : Bearing down sensation pains, painfulness, and heaviness of uterus.

      Chamomilla : Menstrual colic, before the catamenia, Pressure towards the uterus.

      Cimicifuga Racemosacina (Actaea racemosa) : Menses profuse, early, dark, Scanty irregular, delayed, or suppressed.

      Senicio : Menses every three weeks, very profuse, lasting eight-nine days.

      Calcarea  Fluorica : Excessive menses. Prolapsus uteri dragging pains in uterus and thighs.

10-15 drop in some water 4 times a day or as prescribed by the Physician

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