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SBL Baryta Iodatum 3X (25 gm)

SBL Baryta Iodatum 3X (25 gm)

Swollen glands, Increased WBC count, Infections, swollen breast, Tumors



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Form:                 Tablets

Common name: Iodide of Baryta 

The drug acts well on the lymphatic system and glandular tissues especially in children who are weak, malnourished with slow growth and development.  This remedy is used clinically for enlarged and indurated glands esp. tonsils and breasts. Leucocytosis. They are prone to frequent cold and infection with swelling of lymphatic and cervical glands, with marked increase in leucocytes in circulating blood.

Breast, cancer of. Cancer. Glands, enlargement of. Tumours.

2 to 4 tablets 4 times a day or as prescribed by the physician

  • Opacity of cornea with swollen glands in the neck region. Protrusion of eyes with dilated pupils.
  • Inflammation of eyelids and conjunctiva with itching, redness and oversensitivity to light.
  • Dry, constricted throat with swollen tonsils. Pain and burning sensation on swallowing. Induration of glands around the neck.
  • Inflammation and induration of mammary glands. Breast feels hard and sore to touch along with swelling of axillary glands.


  • Better: Cold open air.
  • Worse: Walking

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