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SBL Chininum Sulphuricum 3X (25 gm)

SBL Chininum Sulphuricum 3X (25 gm)

Violent Ringing, Roaring in Ears, Joint pains, Anemia, High Temperature, Malaria


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Form:                   Tablets

Common Name:  Sulphate of Quinine

It acts on the NERVES causing great sensitiveness to external influences and periodical neuralgia. In BLOOD it causes rapid decrease of red blood cells and reduction of haemoglobin; with tendency to leucocytosis. A dose of Chinin sulph in high potency sometimes arouses suppressed malaria, and brings back the paroxysm. Aside from its undoubted influence over malaria, it is indicated homeopathically whenever there is marked periodicity and spinal sensitiveness. Acute articular rheumatism. Polyarticular gout. Pruritus and congested conditions of the rectum. Symptoms of chronic interstitial nephritis. Retro-bulbar neuritis with sudden loss of sight. Thready vessels. Hiccough. Weak and nervous, little exertion causes palpitation. Retro-bulbar neuritis, with sudden loss of sight. Inability to remain standing. Falling in street. Wants to lie down. Deathly sick and faint; felt as if she would sink through bed.

Angina pectoris. Asthma. Brow ague. Cancerous ulcers. Cholera. Delirium. Diarrhoea. Dropsy. Dysmenorrhoea. Ear affections. Gangrenous and fetid suppurations. Gravel. Haematuria. Haemoglobinuria. Haemorrhages. Headache. Intermittent fever. Meniere's disease. Neuralgia. Noises in the head. Parotitis. Pruritus vulvae. Puerperal convulsions. Pyaemia. Rectum, prolapse of. Remittent fever. Rheumatism. Scarlatina. Spinal irritation. Spleen, enlarged. Typhus-fever. Urticaria. Varicose veins. Variola.

2 to 4 tablets 4 times a day or as prescribed by the physician

  • Dizziness and pain in forehead and temples, increasing gradually with vertigo and pulsations.
  • Fever: Chill daily at 3 pm. Painful swelling of various veins during a chill. Shivering even in a warm room. Anguish. Subnormal temperature. Profuse sweat amel. but exhausts. Clear apyrexia. Typical malaria. Thirst in all stages.
  • Periodic pains in the face of neuralgic origin, under the eyes, which extends into and around the orbits and is relieved by pressure.
  • Head: Pain of malarial origin increasing gradually at noon worse at left side.
  • Can see objects only when looking sideways. 
  • Neuralgia pains return with great regularity better by pressure. 
  • Tinkling in the ears. Buzzing, esp. in left ear, sometimes occasioning deafness on that side. Hardness of hearing, sometimes with violent headache.
  • Pale colour, sickly look, air of suffering, with sunken eyes. Earth-coloured face. The white of the eyes discoloured and eyes dull.
  • Acute articular rheumatism. Joints very sensitive.
  • Itching; erythema, urticaria, icterus, vesication, pustules, purpura. Great sensitiveness. Shriveled skin.


  • Better:  Yawning. Pressure. Bending forwards.
  • Worse:  Cold 10- 11 a.m. Touch.Preiodicity.

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