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SBL Cimicifuga Racemosa

SBL Cimicifuga Racemosa

For Back pains, Colic, Cramps, Headaches, Menstrual disorders, Joint Pain



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Form:                   Drops

Common Name:  Black Cohosh

Family:                 Ranunculaceæ

This remedy has a wide action on NERVES and MUSCLES. It causes depression of mind with low spirits; and exhaustion along with oversensitiveness esp. for pain. It is a great female remedy. Plump, delicate, sensitive, nervous, chilly women who complain of aching pain in back, neck, here and there; many of the complaints are dependent upon utero-ovarian irritation. General sick feeling, with exhaustion. Many of the symptoms are irregular, changeful or they alternate in groups; alternation of physical and mental effects. Alternate mental and rheumatic symptoms. Pains are violent, achings, shooting, wander here and there, shock like; with cries, faints etc.; go upwards or side to side up the neck; about the throat; from ovary to ovary. Belly of the muscles feel bruised, sore, heavy aching. Trembling, twitching in various organs or of part lain on. Compressive pains. Hysterical and epileptic convulsions at the time of menses. Alternating clonic and tonic spasms. Sore and tender along the tract of pain. Nervous shuddering. Given before the term; it renders labour easier, cures sickness of pregnancy, prevents the after pains. It has also ensured living births, in women who have previously borne only dead children without any discoverable cause. (should be given in daily doses in low 1x potency two months before term). Myalgia. Ovaralgia. Lumbago. Spasms of cerebro-spinal fever. Influenza. Chorea; at puberty; with delayed menses; cardiac. Ill effects of anxiety; fright, disappointed love; over exertion; business failures; child bearing. Children during dentition.

Abortion, tendency to. Angina pectoris. Appetite, disordered. Back pains. Breast, affections of. Cerebro-spinal meningitis. Change of life. Chest, pains in. Chorea. Delirium Tremens. Diaphragm, rheumatism of. Dyspepsia. Epilepsy. Faintness. Headache. Heart, affections of. Hyperpyrexia. Hypochondriasis. Hysteria. Lumbago. Melancholia. Meningitis. Menstruation, disorders of. Myalgia. Neuralgia. Ovaries, affections of. Perichondritis. Pleurodynia. Pregnancy, disorders of. Puerperal mania. Rheumatic gout. Rheumatism. Sciatica. Side, pain in. Sinking sensation. Sleeplessness. Spinal irritation. Stiff-neck. Tinnitus aurium. Tremors. Uterus, affections of. Vomiting of pregnancy.

Take 5 drops in half cup of water 3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician OR

Medicate the globules and take 4-6 globules 3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician.

  • Puerperal mania; thinks she is going crazy; tries to injure herself.
  • Mania following disappearance of neuralgia.
  • Sensation as if a heavy, black cloud had settled all over her and enveloped her head so that all is darkness and confusion.
  • Illusion of a mouse running under her chair
  • Ciliary neuralgia; aching or sharp, darting, shooting pains in globes, extending to temples, vertex, occiput, orbit, worse going up stairs, better lying down.
  • Heart troubles from reflex symptoms of uterus or ovaries. Heart's action ceases suddenly; impending suffocation; palpitation from least motion
  • Menses: irregular; exhausting; delayed or suppressed by mental emotion, from cold, from fever; with chorea, hysteria or mania; increase of mental symptoms during.
  • Spasms: hysterical or epileptic; reflex from uterine disease; worse during menses; chorea worse left side.
  • Severe left-sided infra-mammary pains
  • Sharp, lancinating, electric-like pains in various parts, sympathetic with ovarian or uterine irritation; in uterine region, dart from side to side.
  • Pregnancy: nausea; sleeplessness; false labor-like pains; sharp pains across abdomen; abortion at third month
  • During labor: "shivers" in first stage; convulsions, from nervous excitement; rigid os; pains severe, spasmodic, tedious, worse by least noise.
  • After-pains, worse in the groins.
  • When given during last month of pregnancy, shortens labor, if symptoms correspond
  • Excessive muscular soreness, after dancing, skating, or other violent muscular exertion.
  • Rheumatic pains in muscles of neck and back; feel stiff, lame, contracted; spine sensitive, from using arms in sewing, type writing, piano playing
  • Rheumatism affecting the bellies of the muscles; pains stitching, cramping. Rheumatic dysmenorrhoea.


  • Worse: During menstruation; the more profuse the flow the greater the suffering.

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