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SBL Dulcamara30 CH (100 ml)

SBL Dulcamara 30 CH (100 ml)

Dryness, mouth ulcers, abdominal pains, red rash, Joint pains, Diarrhoea


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Form:                     Drops

Common Name:   Bitter-sweet

This remedy is useful to those persons who are prone to catarrhal, rheumatic and herpetic affections on account of exposure to cold and damp. It affects the MUCOUS MEMBRANES producing excessive secretions, esp. of bronchi, bladder and eyes. Stiffness, numbness, aching and soreness of muscles on every exposure to cold esp. of BACK and LOINS. Skin affections are liable to appear before menses. Paralytic effects; of single parts, vocal cords, tongue etc. Paralysed parts icy cold. Tearing pains. Griping in bowels around the UMBILICUS; in testes. One sided spasms with loss of speech. Enlarged glands. Every cold settles in the eyes; throat or affects the bladder, respiration or bowels. Dropsy. Complaints of workers in ice-factory. Men who are exposed to constant change of temperature (air condition). Glands; swollen, indurated. Dropsy; anasarca. Exostoses. Haemorrhages; blood watery or bright red.

Adenitis. Angina faucium. Aphonia. Bladder, affections of. Blepharophthalmia. Catarrh. Cholera. Crusta lactea. Diarrhoea. Dropsy. Dysentery. Emaciation. Exostoses. Haemorrhage. Haemorrhoids. Hay-fever. Headache. Herpes. Influenza. Irritation. Lichen. Lumbago. Measles. Meningitis. Myalgia. Myelitis. Nettle-rash. Neuralgia. Ophthalmia. Paralyses. Pemphigus. Rheumatism. Scarlatina. Scrofula. Stammering. Stiff-neck. Thirst. Tibiae, pains in. Tongue, affections of. Tonsillitis. Tumours. Typhoid. Urine, difficulty in passing; incontinence of. Warts. Whooping-cough.

Take 5 drops in half cup of water 3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician OR

Medicate the globules and take 4-6 globules 3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician.

  • Catarrhal rheumatism or skin affections, brought on or aggravated by exposure to cold, damp, rainy weather or sudden changes in hot weather.
  • Increased secretion of mucous membranes, perspiration being suppressed from cold.
  • Patients living or working in a damp, cold basement or a milk dairy.
  • Mental confusion, cannot find the right word for anything.
  • Spasmodic cough with loose expectoration caused by tickling in the larynx. Paroxysmal attacks of cough with hoarseness of voice and excessive secretion of mucus.
  • The complaints are worse during cold, wet weather. Dyspnea with loose, rattling cough worse from wet weather and physical exertion.
  • Intense itching of the skin, which gets worse in cold wet weather.
  • Vesicular and bulbous eruptions filled with fluids, boils, bleeding ulcers, rashes, red spots, large smooth warts especially on face and palms and eczematous eruptions on scalp with severe itching and scales
  • Painful urination from inflammation of bladder in cold weather. Urine contains thick, mucous, purulent sediment.
  • Rheumatic symptoms after acute skin eruptions.
  • Anasarca after ague, rheumatism, scarlet fever.
  • Dropsy after suppressed sweat, suppressed erruptions, exposure to cold
  • Diarrhoea from taking cold in damp places or during foggy weather, change from warm to cold weather.
  • Catarrhal ischuria in grown up children, with milky urine, from wading with bare feet in cold water involuntary.
  • Rash before the menses
  • Urticaria over whole body, no fever, itching burns after scratching worse in warmth better cold.
  • Warts, fleshy, large, smooth on face or back of hands and fingers.


  • Worse: at night, from cold, damp, rainy weather.
  • Better: from moving about, warmth.

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