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SBL Hamamelis Virginica30 CH (100 ml)

SBL Hamamelis Virginica 30 CH (100 ml)

For pains after operations, Enlarged veins, Piles, scrotal swelling,nose bleeding, Varicose veins


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Form:                    Drops

Common Name:  Witch Hazel

Family:                 Hamamelaceae

The principle action of this drug is on the VEINS esp. of rectum; genitals, limbs and throat; producing venous congestion; varicose veins, haemorrhoids and haemorrhages. It is also a valuable remedy for open painful wounds and burns of the first degree as a local application. It produces bruised SORENESS; of the affected part; from which blood flows; in blood vessels; in abdomen etc. Tense bursting feeling; in piles, joints or lower limbs. Congestive fulness. Veins; painful, sore, cutting, swollen; inflamed. Painful, hard, knotty; varicoses. Haemorrhages; capillary, dark, fluid, relieves or causes undue weakness. Prickling, stinging pain; in veins, muscles, skin. Relieves the pain after operations. Acts upon the coats of the veins causing relaxation with consequent engorgement. Passive venous hæmorrhages from any part. Great value in open, painful wounds, with weakness from loss of blood. After operations, supersedes the use of morphia

Abortion, threatened. Ankles, weak. Black-eye. Bruises. Burns. Cancer. Chilblains. Consumption. Enteric fever. Gastric ulcer. Haematemesis. Haematuria. Haemorrhages. Haemorrhagic diathesis. Haemorrhoids. Leucorrhoea. Melaena. Menstruation, disorders of; vicarious. Nipples, sore. Noises in the head. Nose, bleeding from. Ovaries, affections of. Pelvic haematocele. Phimosis. Phlegmasia alba dolens. Purpura. Rheumatism. Scapula, rheumatism of. Scurvy. Small-pox. Testicles, inflamed. Ulcers. Uterus, affections of. Vagina, spasm of. Varicocele. Veins, varicose. Wounds.

Take 5 drops in half cup of water 3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician OR

Medicate the globules and take 4-6 globules 3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician.

  • It is adapted to venous haemorrhage from orifice of body, nose, lungs, bowels, uterus, bladder.
  • Venous congestion: passive, of skin and mucous membranes, phlebitis, varicose veins, ulcer, varicose with stinging, pricking pain, haemmorrhoids.
  • Patients, subject to varicose veins, taking cold easily from every exposure, especially warm, moist air.
  • Intense soreness of affected parts.
  • Wounds: incised, lacerated,contused, injuries from falls, checks haemorrhage, removes pain and soreness
  • Chronic effects of mechanical injuries.
  • Bleeding from any orifice or from open wounds, blood being dark, passive & non-coadulable
  • Part from which the blood flows feels sore & bruised
  • Epistaxis with profuse, passive, non-coagulable bleeding with tightness in the bridge of the nose and fetid odor from the nose.
  • Haemorrhage: profuse, dark, grumous, from ulceration of bowels, uterine, active or passive, after a fall or rough riding, vicarious menstruation, no mental anxiety.
  • Profuse uterine bleeding with bearing-down pain in the back. Dark, profuse bleeding with soreness in the abdomen.
  • Soreness of abdomen with spasms of vagina, inflammation of ovaries and sore nipples.
  • Haemoptysis: tickling cough, with taste of blood or sulphur, venous without effort or coughing, sometimes monthly for years.
  • Profuse discharges, which simulate a haemorrhage and from a drain upon system as severe as loss of blood.
  • Haemorrhoids: bleeding profusely, with burning, soreness, fullness, heaviness, as if back wound break, urging to stool, bluish colour, anus feels sore and raw.
  • Menses: flow dark and profuse with soreess in abdomen, after a blow on ovary or a fall, all sufferings worse at menstrual period.
  • Tongue feels burnt. Thirst. Blisters on side
  • Varicosity of veins with distended vessels.
  • Severe neuralgic pain in spermatic cord and testicles, with nausea. Orchitis, worse touch. Varicocele. Emission at night without being aware of it.
  • Chilblains with blueness and inflammations of veins. 
  • Bad effects from loss of blood.
  • Traumatic conjunctivitis, suggilations or extravasations into chambers of eye, from severe coughing, intense soreness.


  • Worse: warm, moist air.

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