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SBL Selenium 3X (25 gm)

SBL Selenium 3X (25 gm)

Hair Fall, Baldness, Impotency, Prostatitis, Spermatorrhoea



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Form:         Tablets

This element is found associated with Sulphur and Tellurium, and is a constant constituent of bones and teeth. It has marked effects on the nerves OF GENITO-URINARY ORGANS and supra orbital (left); LARYNX and liver are also affected. Patient becomes easily debilitated by heat or hot weather; a little mental or physical exertion makes him sleepy. Debility after exhausting diseases; after fevers. Senility; early. Emaciation; of single parts, face, hands, thighs etc. Pulsation in the whole body esp. in abdomen; worse eating. Cramps; then stiffness. Biting; here and there. Ill effects of debauchery, tea, sugar, salt, lemonade, loss of vital fluids, masturbation, sexual excess, over-study. Troubles in general accompanying escape of semen esp. when straining at stool.

Alcoholism. Ankle, itching eruption about. Comedo. Constipation. Debility. Enuresis. Hair, falling out. Headache. Hoarseness. Impotence. Laryngitis, scrofulous; tubercular. Liver, affections of; rash over region of. Priapism. Prostatitis. Prostatorrhoea. Psoriasis palmaris. Reveries. Scabies. Scalp, eczema of. Skin, unhealthy. Spermatorrhoea. Stammering. Sun, effects of. Syphilis.

2 to 4 tablets 4 times a day or as prescribed by the physician

  • Adapted to light complexion; blondes; great emaciation of face, hands, legs and feet, or single parts.
  • Very forgetful in business, but during sleep dreams of what he has forgotten.
  • Headache: of drunkards; after debauchery; after lemonade, tea, wile; every afternoon.
  • Hair falls off, on head, eyebrows, whiskers, genitals.
  • Coryza ending in diarrhoea.
  • Hungry: at night; longing for spiritous liquors, an almost irresistible maniacal desire.
  • Constipation: stool large, hard, impacted so that it requires mechanical aid; after serious illness, especially enteric fevers.
  • Urine: red, dark, scanty; coarse, red, sandy, sediment; involuntary dribbling while walking.
  • Impotence, with desire; lewd thoughts, but physically impotent
  • Erections slow, insufficient, too rapid emission with long-continued threill; weak, ill-humored after coitus, often involuntary dribbling of semen and prostatic fluid which oozes while sitting, at stool, during sleep; gleet
  • Priapism, glans drawn up
  • Aphonia: after long use of voice; husky when beginning to sing; obliged to clear the throat frequently of a transparent starchy mucus; tubercular laryngitis.
  • Weak, easily exhausted; from either mental or physical labor; after typhoid, typhus, debauchery.
  • Irresistible desire to lie down and sleep; strength suddenly leaves him; especially in hot weather.
  • Very great aversion to a draft of air either warm, cold or damp.
  • After typhoid, great weakness of spine, fears paralysis.
  • Emaciation of affected parts.
  • Itching about finger-joints and between fingers; in palms.
  • Vesicular eruption between fingers
  • Paralytic pains in small of back in the morning.
  • Sleep prevented by pulsation in all vessels, worse abdomen. Sleepless until midnight, awakens early and always same hour.


  • Worse:  after sleep, in hot weather, from Cinchona, draught of air, coition.
  • Better: Taking cold water or cold air into mouth.

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