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Willmar Schwabe India Kali Muriaticum30 CH (30 ml)

Willmar Schwabe India Kali Muriaticum 30 CH (30 ml)

For Ear pain, Tonsils, Hemorrhoids, Mouth ulcers, Acne, Fever


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Form:                   Drops

Common Name: Chloride of Potassium

This remedy has a wide clinical use, through its introduction by Schuessler. It causes catarrhal condition, producing MILKY WHITE, viscid, sticky, thick; slimy or lumpy discharges. Tough plastic or fibrinous exudates. Hard deposits. Glandular swelling. Sore, cutting or sticking, shifting pains. Crawling. Numbness. Ill effects of vaccination. Sprains. Burns. Blows, cuts. Embolism. Crosswise symptoms. Slow reaction. Stubborn infiltration. White or gray coating of base of tongue, and expectoration of thick, white phlegm, seem to be special guiding symptoms. Bursitis præpatellaris.

Acne. Aphthæ. Bubo. Bunion. Burns. Cataract. Chilblains. Constipation. Croup. Cystitis. Diarrhœa. Diphtheria. Dropsy. Dysentery. Ear, affections of. Eczema. Embolism. Eustachian tubes, occlusion of. Eyes, affections of. Glands, swollen. Hæmorrhoids. Heart, affections of. Hodgkin's disease. Ingrowing toenails. Jaundice. Joint, cracking of. Leucorrhœa. Mumps. Rheumatism. Scorbutus. Shingles. Small-pox. Sycosis. Tendons, creaking of. Vaccination, effects of. Warts.

Take 5 drops in half cup of water 3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician OR

Medicate the globules and take 4-6 globules 3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician.

  • Face: Milky-reddish, milky bluish complexion of eyelids. Bluish; sunken. Cheeks swollen and painful. Paralysis, following pain in face. Muscles of face twitch and tremble worse eating, speaking or coughing.
  • Discharges: Thick, white, slime or plegm, motionclay coloured, Stools bloody, blood from scales
  • Fatty or rich food causes indigestion.
  • White or gray coating a the base of tongue & expectoration of thick, white phlegm seem to be the special guiding symptom
  • Asthma with gastric derrangements, mucus white & hard to cough up.
  • Mumps without fever.
  • Abscess, boils, carbuncles in the second stage, when interstitial exudation takes place & to cause swellling to disappear before matter forms.
  • Chronic catarh of middle ear. Deafness; from catarrhal condition and occlusion of eustachian tubes. Crackling noises on blowing nose or swallowing.
  • Grayish-white, ulcerated; chronic sore throat. Tonsils swollen inflamed; swallowing excessively painful, can hardly breathe. Hawks out thick white mucous; cheesy.
  • Hæmorrhoids, bleeding, blood dark and thick, fibrinous, clotted.
  • Eruptions around the mouth. Aphthae. Thrush. White ulcers in the mouth. Scorbutic gums.
  • Tongue; mapped; gray or white, at base. Coating of tongue grayish white, dry or slimy.
  • Sensation as if a tumour were growing on the tongue.
  • Taste; salty, bitter, with coldness of tongue. 
  • Eruptions connected with stomach or menstrual disorders.
  • Buzzing under right scapula. Backache better lying. Lightning pains from small of back to feet. Must get out of bed and sit up.
  • Leucorrhoea; milky white, thick, bland. Soft, tender nodes in mammae. Painful mammae before or at menses.
  • Habitual loss of appetite or refuses food. Irritable and angry; at trifles.


  • Worse: Open air. Cold drinks. Drafts, heat, of bed. Lying. Night. Dampness. Motion. Sprains. Fats; rich foods. During menses.
  • Better: Cold drinks. Rubbing. Letting hair down.

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