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Willmar Schwabe India Lilium Tig Pentarkan (30 ml)

Willmar Schwabe India Lilium Tig Pentarkan (30 ml)

Reduces (White)Vaginal Discharges with Itching


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Useful in

Form:         Drops

Weight:       90 (gms)

Effective in the white discharge in females, cramps, headache, hot flushes.

  • Hydrastis Canadensis: Leucorrhoea after menses. Leucorrhoea - acrid, corroding, shredy, tenacious. Pruritis vulvae and profuse leucorrhoea and sexual excitement.
  • Pulsatilla Nigricans: Leucorrhoea milky thick like cream, acrid, with pain in back and exhaustion. Leucorrhoea in infant.
  • Lilium tigrinum:yellow or brown, offensive, thin watery, profuse and copious leucorrhoea. Leucorrhoea stains the linen in brown. Menses early, scanty, dark, clotted and offensive.
  • Kreosotum:  itching in vulva, labia. Covers whitish or yellowish leucorrhoea and haemorrhage after coition. Thick mucus with bad odour, smelling like green corn, excoriating the perineum or bland. Menstrual and leucorrhoeal flow intermittent. Leucorrhoea with voluptuous itching of labia and swelling.
  • Sepia: Relaxed pelvic organs with bearing down sensation. Weakness and pains in the back. Leucorrhoea is varied and changeable. Milky and white or thick and yellow, staining the linen. 

20 drops 3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician

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