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Willmar Schwabe India Moschus30 CH (30 ml)

Willmar Schwabe India Moschus 30 CH (30 ml)

Sleepiness, difficult speech, eye complaints, headache, Hysteria,


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Form:                   Drops

Common Name: Musk

Easy fainting in any diseased condition is its chief indication. It is suitable to persons of sensitive nature, hysterical women and men. Spasmodic, nervous effects with a feeling of coldness. FAINTS easily; while eating; during menses; from heart disease etc. Twitching; chokings; globus hystericus, ending in unconsciousness. As of a cool wind blowing on part. Tension, in muscles, skin, mind. Nervous; shuddering, laughter, hiccough etc. Buzzing, squeezing, plug like sensation. Poor reaction; diseases do not follow the normal course. Complains without knowing what ails him. Epilepsy, with shuddering as from a rigor or chilliness. Catalepsy. Imaginary diseases. Girls who are selfish, obstinate, self- willed, and much pampered; resort to all kinds of cunning to have their whims gratified. Coldness; general or of single parts. Parts lain on feel dislocated or sprained.

Angina pectoris. Catalepsy. Croup. Diabetes. Dyspnoea. Epilepsy. Fainting. Heart, failure of. Herpes, mercurial and venereal. Hiccough. Hypochondriasis. Hysteria. Hystero-epilepsy. Impotence. Laryngismus. Lungs, paralysis of. Pregnancy, complaints of. Rage, fits of. Stings. Typhoid. Vertigo. Whooping-cough.

Take 5 drops in half cup of water 3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician OR

Medicate the globules and take 4-6 globules 3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician.

  • Violent anger, talks excitedly, raves, scolds, till mouth becomes dry, lips blue, eyes staring and she falls unconscious. Fears noise, dying; fears to lie down, lest one die.
  • Vertigo, with fainting; as if falling from a height, worse stooping, better rising.
  • One cheek red but cold, other pale and hot. Lips blue. Chewing motion of the lower jaw.
  • Desire for black coffee, beer and brandy. Aversion to food.
  • Urine normal during day, but dark red, offensive at night.
  • Sexual desire increased, with intolerable titillations in parts (in old women). Dysmenorrhoea, with fainting.
  • Sudden nervous suffocation; wants to take deep breath; worse becoming cold; better belching. Chest oppressed; hysterical spasms of the chest.
  • Frequent tendency to faint from least excitment, hile eating, during menses
  • Sensation of coldness & shivering
  • Tightness of chest, is obliged to take a deeper breath. 
  • Sexual desire, with intolerable titillation in parts. Drawing and pushing in the direction of the genitals; sensation as if menses appear.
  • Asthma, with intense anxiety, fear, and smothering sensation.
  • Hysterical palpitation. Trembling around heart. Weak pulse and fainting.
  • Sleepy by day; sleepless at night, awakes frequently.
  • Fever: Sensitive to cold air, which makes him shudder. Skin cold. Burning heat with restlessness. Sweat smelling like musk.


  • Better: in open air, rubbing. cold.
  • Worse: The open air is felt very, very cold.

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